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Corn Flour Meal

Polenta comes from the North of Italy.

Etymologically?it?derives from the?Latin?word puls, a kind of stew made with rye flour or with emmer –an ancient predecessor of wheat;??the word farina, that is harina [flour in Spanish] derives from the Latin word far or farris.???Its consumption was very common in ancient Italy;?at the same time??the Greeks prepared a similar stew from barley flour. During the Roman Empire it was??known?by?the name pullmentum, and after that "pullenta"; this dish was one of the principal foods of the Roman legions. Yet the evolution?of?Polenta is still more extensive in time and has numerous variations; in the beginning it was prepared with herbs and since the Roman?Empire it has become more common??to prepare it with wheat flour,?so??the wheat?flour flower was called pullen.

Corn Polenta's Origin

Just after 1492, with Christopher?Columbus' voyages, corn was known in Europe. This ingredient??would later on be typical of the current polenta.?However,??Its acceptation and spreading among Europeans was pretty slow;??in Italy?corn??cultivation began to?expand??around??the middle of XVII century, and this was mainly at the Nord (North) zone, where the?rainfall??pattern facilitated the sowing of this cereal.

Corn Flour

Corn flour is a thin powder which is obtained by grinding the cereal by means of different methods. Being a traditional crop of America's native people,?It??is in this part of the world where it is regularly consumed,?mainly?in Latin America, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela where corn flour is the key ingredient?for??their?cooking.

Pre-cooked corn Flour: corn is cooked before grinding. It is the most commercial and practical way to use it in the cities by city people.

Polenta "NutriSur"

It is obtained from the crushing of peeled and un corn grains; it is called "HOMINY GRITS" or "FLAKING GRITS".

Only??non-transgenic red Flint corn is used, which?gives??Polenta?a higher percentage of proteins and a better flavor. This corn is GMO free certified, meaning it is free of genetic modification. During??the production process, there are metal detectors and weight controllers?throughout the?packing lines
This semolina may be fortified and/or enriched with vitamins and/or minerals according to its use.

It is recommended to include it in governmental alimentary plans or to compensate nutritional deficiencies as per the region of consumption

Products suitable for celiacs
Quik corn meal

Quik corn meal.
Cooking done in one minute.

Fortified corn meal

Cornmeal enrichened with 10% soybean meal, fortified with vitamins and minerals.
Cooking done in 3 minutes.


Organic corn meal

Organic corn meal, quick cooking.
Cooking in one minute.

Corn Flour Gnocchis With Blue Cheese
Cheff Pablo Campoy

- 100 gr.of Raw bacon
- 350 gr. of NUTRISUR corn flour
- 1.25 lt.of stock
- 1 tea-spoon of salt
- Butter for the tray
- 180 gr. Blue cheese
- 50 gr. Grated parmesan cheese
- 150 gr. Dairy cream
- 50 gr. Melted butter

Chop the bacon in small cubes, brown them in a frying-pan and drain them over a kitchen tissue.

Boil the vegetable broth and, while stirring, sprinkle the NUTRISUR corn flour. Keep stirring if possible in the same direction. When it is ready, add the bacon cubes and stir. Take portions of polenta dough with a wet spoon and mold them with your moisten hand into gnocchi, inserting in the middle a tiny dice of blue cheese. Shape them into filled gnocchi, and place them on the buttered tray.

Sprinkle with half of the dairy cream and grated parmesan cheese, take it to the pre-heated oven (200o C), and bake it for 15 – 20 minutes.

While removing, sprinkle again with the remaining half of dairy cream.


Second Alternative for Blue Cheese Gnocchi
Cheff Pablo Campoy

Once you have placed them on the buttered tray, prick each one of the gnocchi with a toothpick; briefly immerse them in melted butter and NUTRISUR corn flour, and fry them in hot oil for 2 minutes, warm them and serve them as canapé or entrée.

Smoked Salmon or Cured Ham Canapé
Cheff Pablo Campoy

- ? lt. of vegetable stock
- 1 tea-spoon of salt
- 150 gr. of NUTRISUR corn flour
- 2 slices of smoked salmon or cured ham
- 6 asparagus tips
- 1 hard boiled egg, chopped and mixed with avocado

Prepare the polenta, according to the above explanation. Pour it on wax paper or film previously buttered or moistened. Level it up to 1 cm. thick, let it cool. With a knife, cut it into triangular or rectangular shape. Place them on the serving tray and decorate. First, with the dough made out of the chopped eggs and avocado, on the top of them, the asparagus tips and a small piece of smoked salmon or cured ham. You may add chive.

Note: this recipe is for 4 portions as entrée or 2 portions as main course.

Cornbread, cheese, and scallion.
Cheff Pedro Picciau

- 1 tsp of sunflower oil.
- 2 scallions chopped finely.
- 200 g of fortified corn flour-
- Nutrisur, 85 g of rice flour.
- 1 tsp of yeast powder gluten free.
- 1 tsp of salt.
- 115 g of shredded cheddar (not finely shredded).
- 200 ml of warm milk.
- 2 slightly beaten eggs.
- 40 g of melted butter.

Heat the oven at 190° C. Grease the baking tin with butter for 900 g. bread.

Heat the oil in a pan, add the onion and sauté it, and cook it at medium heat for 10 or 15 minutes, or until it tenderizes. Stir-fry from time to time.

Remove the tin from the heat and cool it down.

Add fortified corn flour – Nutrisur, yeast, rice flour, sugar, and salt in a bowl, and mix the ingredients thoroughly. Mix the ingredients with the cheese.

In another bowl beat milk, eggs and melted butter, and then add this to the mixture of flours. Stir well.

Set aside a spoonful of cold cooked onion. Mix the remaining onions with the mentioned mixture. Put the mixture in the tin, and smooth the surface.

Spread the onion set aside over the surface.

Bake the bread for about 30 minutes or until puffy and
browned. Place it on a cooling rack for it to cool down. Serve sliced bread cold or warm.

Roman Gnocchi
Cheff Pedro Picciau

- ? lt. vegetable broth
- 1 tea-spoon of salt
- 150 gr. of NUTRISUR corn flour
- Buttered oven tray
- 50 gr. of grated parmesan cheese
- 200 gr. of dairy cream
- 1 chopped clove of garlic

Prepare the polenta with the broth and garlic, according to the description in the previous recipe. Pour the polenta over buttered film or waxed paper, also previously buttered. Level it up to 1 cm. thick, let it cool. Cut with a cutter: round shape (or the shape that the customer desires), 5 to 6 cm. diameter.

Place it on a buttered mold, sprinkle with half of the dairy cream and parmesan cheese. Broil in a warm oven (200°C) for 10 minutes, remove from the oven, and sprinkle again with the remaining dairy cream and serve on previously warmed plates.

Corn flour pudding
Cheff Pedro Picciau

- 100 g of raw bacon.
- 350 g of quick cooking Nutrisur corn flour.
- 1.25 l of clear soup.
- 1 tsp of salt.
- Butter for the tray.
- 180 g of Roquefort.
- 50 g of shredded parmesan.
- 150 g of cream, 50 g of melted butter.

Cut the bacon into small cubes, brown them in a pan, and let them dry on kitchen paper.

Polenta: boil the clear soup (clear vegetable soup), mix constantly.

Sprinkle the Nutrisur corn flour. Keep mixing, if possible, in only one direction.

When the polenta is cooked, add the bacon cubes, and mix.
Pick portions of the dough of the polenta using a wet spoon, and shape the dough as gnocchi with your hands wet, add little Roquefort cubes inside. Shape the stuffed gnocchi and place them on the tray greased with butter.

Dust with half of the cream and shredded parmesan, leave the tray in the oven preheated at 200° C, and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes.

After removing it from the oven, dust it again with the other half of cream. Serve.

Tricolor Terrine
Cheff Sergio Córdoba

- 100 gr. of Cream cheese
- 100 gr. of Buttery cheese
- 100 gr. of Creamed corn
- 100 gr. of NUTRISUR corn flour
- 100 gr. Pre-cooked spinach
- 100 gr. of Gelatin
- 250 ml. of Milk
- 150 gr. of Grated cheese
- Nutmeg

Cook the NUTRISUR corn flour together with the milk for a minute, flavor it with grated cheese, salt, pepper and garlic powder.

Dilute the gelatin with warm water and split the preparation in two (one will be used to blend the processed spinach seasoned with grated cheese and nutmeg, while the other will be used for the cream cheese and corn).
Stuff the terrine mold previously covered with kitchen tissue or film. Do it in three parts:

Stuff it with the NUTRISUR corn flour preparation;
Add the spinach preparation; and Include the mixture of cream cheese, corn and a pinch of salt.

Let it cool, unmold and serve Replica IWC Portuguese watches as a cold dish or entrée.

Bread Sticks
Cheff Sergio Córdoba

- 1 kg. of Rice flour
- 500 cm3 of water
- 100 cm3 of olive oil
- 15 gr. Table salt
- 20 gr. NUTRISUR corn flour, cooked with 3 tea cups of milk

Put all the ingredients in a bowl. Mix them until they are smooth. Flavour as you like. Mold the preparation into bread stick shape and bake it at 180o C for half an hour.

Once they are cold, serve them alone along with hot dishes, or present them as appetizers, wrapped with cured ham, ham or any other type of cold meat, to the consumer's desire.

Sorrentinos filled with mushrooms, buttery cheese and herbs
Cheff Sergio Córdoba

- 400 gr. of NUTRISUR corn flour, cooked with 1 lt. of milk
- 200 gr. of Grated cheese
- 6 gr. of Salt
- 20 gr. of Butter
- 1 can of sliced mushrooms
- Herbs, customer's choice
- 100 gr. of Dry tomatoes
- Mozzarella cheese

Prepare the polenta, then add the butter, the grated cheese and the salt. Place the preparation in a plastic, acrylic or metallic mold for sorrentinos, previously cover with film. Stuff it with chopped mozzarella cheese, dry tomatoes and mushrooms.
Cover the whole mold (in order to give the sorrentinos a base).

Let them cool, and then separate them individually. Brown with butter when serving, and sauce with tomatoes to taste, decorating with herbs.

Purple pudding
Alejandra Garcia Hauw

- 1 cup of Nutrisur organic corn flour.

- 1 ? cup of elderflower juice, 1 ? cup of milk.

- 150 g of sugar, 1 cup of fresh or canned red fruit (blueberry, blackberry, or raspberry).

- 4/6 servings.

Pour milk and add sugar in a saucepan until it boils.
Sprinkle Nutrisur organic corn flour, and mix constantly.
Once ready (one minute), add elderflower juice before it cools down.

Put a portion of the mixture in each one of the mold or individual baking tins in which the dessert will be served, grease the tin previously with butter. Stuff with the chosen red fruits, cover with another portion of mixture, and let it cool down.

Take the pudding out of the tin or serve it with red fruits or chocolate sauce.

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